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When Does Your Pet Need a Dermatologist?

pet dermatology san joseA veterinarian or emergency vet who offers services in pet dermatology can treat your pet for cat and dog allergies, skin irritations, and ear problems. If your pet is suffering from a persistent or reoccurring skin, coat, or ear issue, it would be wise to take him to a pet dermatologist for a diagnosis and treatment. Here is a guide that will help you determine when your pet may need a dermatologist.

Your Pet Suffers from Allergies

The symptoms of dog allergies and cat allergies are similar to those in humans, and may include sneezing, scratching, watery eyes or runny nose, coughing, vomiting or diarrhea, respiratory problems, and disinterest in food or activities. It’s important to visit a veterinarian who is experienced in pet dermatology to determine what food, plant, or other environmental substance is responsible for these allergies. You can then eliminate the allergen and alleviate your pet’s symptoms.

Your Pet Has a Chronic Skin Condition

If your pet has a chronic skin condition, he’ll need regular care and treatment from both you and a pet dermatologist. Chronic conditions have symptoms that can be managed with medications, but these conditions are not curable, and can become worse without regular treatment.

Your Pet is Suffering from an Ear Infection

If your pet is consistently rubbing or pawing at his ear, shaking his head, or seems disoriented or hard of hearing, he may have an ear infection. You may also notice that the ear canal and the area around the ear are inflamed, red, or crusty. A veterinarian who offers pet dermatology services is experienced in diagnosing and treating ailments of the ear.

If you’re in search of a veterinarian specializing in pet dermatology near San Jose, come see us at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic. We have been caring for the community’s pets for the last 33 years, and we provide dog grooming, dog boarding, teeth cleanings, a spay and neuter clinic, microchipping, emergency vet services, and pet dermatology services. For more information, visit our website, or call us today at (888) 897-4353.

Bringing Home a New Puppy

vet clinic san joseIf you’re bringing home a new puppy, there are a few things you can do to ensure that his transition into his new home is happy and comfortable. Before bringing the puppy home, you should take him to a veterinarian or an animal clinic for a checkup, and to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. The veterinarian can also give you pet tips that will help your puppy acclimate to his new home.

You should purchase food, toys, and treats, and designate an area for the puppy’s bed or kennel. Buy a collar and leash that is appropriate for the puppy’s age, and an identification tag with the puppy’s name and your contact information. Make sure that your new puppy is also registered with the appropriate county office.

If you’ve recently gotten a new puppy and are looking for a veterinarian serving San Jose, bring him in to see us at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic. We offer puppy and kitten care tips, vaccinations, a spay and neuter clinic, and comprehensive pet care services. Visit our website for more information, or call us today at (888) 897-4353 to set up an appointment.

Caring for Your Pet in the Heat

If you live in a region that gets very warm during the summer months, you’ll have to take special care to ensure that your pet stays comfortable and healthy. Your veterinarian should be able to offer you valuable pet tips that will help you keep your pet safe in the heat.

Watch this video for more information about caring for your pet in the heat. Dr. Sheldon, an experienced veterinarian, discusses how to care for you pet during a heatwave or just typical high summer temperatures.

At Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic, we offer comprehensive pet care at our veterinary clinic in San Jose. Our services include dental exams and teeth cleanings, vaccinations, checkups, pet dermatology services, a spay and neuter clinic, pet grooming, and pet boarding. Visit our website, or call us at (888) 897-4353 for more information.

Why Grooming Your Pet Is Important

Much like humans, pets feel happier when they are well groomed and clean. Beyond just looking and smelling better, grooming is also an important part of maintaining your dog’s overall health. In fact, regular grooming can often be as valuable as visits to the veterinarian in identifying skin problems, illness, and behavioral changes in your pet.

Clean Hair and Skin Make Pets Happier and Healthier

pet grooming san jose Regularly bathing your dog will keep your dog’s skin and hair clean and healthy. Oil and dirt can buildup in your dog’s coat, causing skin irritation and discomfort. Your dog may begin scratching a lot if his coat is dirty and itchy. Brushing your dog’s or cat’s fur or hair will keep it from becoming tangled and matted. Matted coats will pull on your pet’s skin in a painful way, and mats can even cause hair loss. Regular grooming also allows your groomer or veterinarian a chance to check your pet’s skin for any signs of irritation, illness, or injury, including flea bites.

Dental and Nail Care are Crucial for Pets

If your pet’s nails become too long, it can become difficult and painful for him to walk. Regular grooming allows your pet’s nails to stay trimmed and comfortable. Brushing your pet’s teeth at home is a difficult task, and should be performed by a veterinarian to ensure that it is done properly. A veterinarian can provide a dental exam, dental cleaning, and X-rays that will maintain your pet’s dental health and prevent dangerous problems, like tooth decay and gum disease.

Groomers Keep Pets’ Eyes and Ears Clean

Your groomer or veterinarian will clean your pet’s eyes and ears professionally, preventing infections, and checking for signs of ear mites or illnesses.

At Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic, our pet dermatology experts offer cat and dog grooming services in San Jose, and will check your pet’s skin for bites, sores, and rashes. We also provide dental exams and cleanings. To schedule an appointment, or for more information on our services, call us today at (888) 897-4353.

Boarding Your Pet at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic

per boarding san joseIf you’re going out of town, you’ll feel much more secure boarding your pet at a veterinary clinic where your pet is part of our family. At Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic, we provide luxury pet boarding for both dogs and cats. Your pet will be well cared for by skilled veterinary assistants at our vet clinic.

At night, dogs are boarded in large, private kennels that are air-conditioned. During the day, they have use of large dog runs and our backyard, where they can play, socialize, and exercise. If you have more than one dog, they can be boarded together for a 20% discount. Cats are boarded in single kennels as well, but if you have more than one cat that you’re boarding, they can be housed together at a discount. We adhere strictly to any special diet your pet may be on.

Contact us today at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic for your pet boarding needs in San Jose. You can call us at any time to check on your pet during its visit with us, and friends or family members are also welcome to stop by to see how your pet is doing while you’re away. Call us at (888) 897-4353 for more information.

Understanding Your Pet's Aging Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the hardest things for pet lovers to face is the aging of their furry friends. However, you can keep your beloved animal healthy for longer by understanding what is—and what isn’t—a normal part of aging. For instance, both dogs and cats experience age-related graying of the eyes that is normal and has little impact on vision, but they can also develop cataracts, which are serious and may require treatment. Your pet also becomes more vulnerable to cancer and other diseases with age, so regular veterinary checkups become more important than ever. Find out more about what to expect as your pet gets older in this infographic from Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic. Let our vet clinic near San Jose help your pet grow old gracefully with pet meds, dog grooming, pet dental health services, and more. Please share this information with fellow pet families everywhere.

Understanding Your Pet’s Aging Process Infographic

Tips for Caring for Your Cat

Regular dental care is crucial to maintain your cat’s oral health. If your cat’s teeth aren’t brushed regularly, he may suffer tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Visit your veterinarian regularly for dental cleanings and exams for your pet to ensure that it stays happy and healthy.

Watch this video for more tips on caring for your cat. A pet expert discusses cleaning your cat’s teeth with a soft toothbrush and special pet toothpaste.

At Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic, we offer comprehensive health care for your dog, cat, and other small pets. Our veterinary experts will maintain your pet’s dental health in San Jose, offering dental exams, teeth cleaning, and dental X-rays to keep your pet’s teeth in perfect condition. Call us today at (888) 897-4353 for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

A Look at Skin Problems in Dogs

Your dog is a well-loved member of your family, and it’s important to understand certain skin problems it may face in order to ensure its health and happiness. While regularly check ups with a veterinarian are necessary, there are health issues that you should be able to recognize in between visits to the vet clinic. Here is some information on common skin problems in dogs.

Curable Skin Problems pet dermatology san jose
The most common curable skin problem that dogs face is bacterial dermatitis. Its symptoms include a circular patch of hair loss, scaly, flaky skin, and inflammation that turns into a crusty eruption on the skin. A veterinarian specializing in pet dermatology can diagnose this condition via laboratory testing. Other common, curable skin problems found in dogs include yeast infections, ringworm, seborrhea, and dermatitis caused by ticks, fleas, and mites.

Chronic Skin Problems
Chronic skin problems are ones that are lasting and reoccurring. One common chronic skin problem for dogs is chronic dermatitis due to allergies. Once your veterinarian identifies the source of your dog’s allergy and that source is removed, your dog will recover completely. Some skin problems are only chronic until your veterinarian diagnoses the cause of the skin irritation and manages it through medication and diet.

Incurable Skin Problems
Incurable skin problems are not fatal for your dog, but are uncomfortable and dangerous if left untreated. Hormonal imbalances can cause skin problems, and while they are incurable, they can be treated to make your dog more comfortable and healthy. Veterinarians offer dogs relief from incurable skin problems through changes in the dog’s diet, special medications, shampoos, and sprays, and vitamin supplements.

If you’re searching for a reputable veterinarian in San Jose, come see us at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic. We have been caring for pets in the San Jose area for over 33 years, and we offer emergency vet services as well as regular check-ups, laboratory tests, alternative medicines, and boarding. Call us today at (888) 897-4353 for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

How to Find a Great Veterinarian

For many pet owners, their four-legged friends are very important members of the family, and as such they deserve the best veterinary care possible to keep them happy and healthy. With so many veterinarians in San José, it can be difficult to choose one for your pet’s primary care. Look for a vet who offers the following services and amenities to ensure that your pet can get complete care:

All Ages Basic Care veterinarian san jose
Every veterinarian should provide all ages care for pets from their puppy or kitten days until their senior years. Like humans, animals are most comfortable with veterinarians that are familiar with them. When you find a vet that you and your pet like early on, it will make all subsequent visits much easier, since the familiar building and the presence of a familiar veterinary doctor can help put him or her at ease.

Pet Meds and Pet Surgery
Select a veterinarian who has full pet surgery facilities, and you won’t have to make separate appointments or visit an unfamiliar pet hospital if your companion need a surgical procedure. Make sure the vet you select can perform a variety of procedures, from spaying and neutering to more complicated surgeries, and you can rest assured knowing that all of your pet’s health needs can be taken care of in one place.

Boarding Services
Sometimes you will need to go out of town and you won’t be able to bring your pet with you. While cats simply need daily check-ins, for your canine companions you will need to hire a dog sitter or board them. You can rest easier while you are on vacation if you leave your pooch at a pet hospital that offers dog boarding, since you’ll know that trained vets are only steps away.

Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic is a full-service pet hospital that provides all the above services. We also offer complete grooming services, and our pharmacy can supply you with any pet meds you need. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (888) 897-4353.

Taking Care of Your Cat's Teeth

cat teeth cleaning san joseUnless you want to be visiting a pet clinic in San Jose every other week when your cat gets older, you need to take good care of his or her teeth starting from a young age. But you can still take care of your cat’s teeth between professional exams at the vet by following the tips below.

Check Your Cat ’s Breath Regularly
Bad breath can be a sign of tooth problems in cats, just as it often can be in humans. When your cat is being affectionate, try to get a whiff of his or her breath. Although it will never smell fresh or particularly pleasant, the odor should not be noxious. If your cat has particularly pungent breath, especially if you can smell it from a few feet away, it might be time to brush his or her teeth.

Brush Your Cat ’s Teeth Carefully
With practice, you can get your cat used to having his or her teeth brushed. Get a tube of feline toothpaste from your veterinarian, apply with cotton swabs, and use a soft-bristled brush to gently clean the teeth and gums. You may have to get your cat used to this by doing it in stages: first get him or her used to gentle mouth touching, then dabs of toothpaste in the mouth, then gentle brushing.

Keep an Eye Out for Abnormalities
A healthy cat’s gums should be bright pink, and the teeth should be white and firm. Swollen gums that are dark red or purple, loose teeth, sores inside the mouth or on the tongue, and extra drooling can all be signs of dental issues. These can range from fairly easy-to-treat gingivitis to more serious conditions such as periodontitis.

If you think your cat may have a dental disease, call Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic at (888) 897-4353. Our veterinarians offer a complete range of health care services for cats and dogs, including dental exams, pet boarding, flea and tick treatment, and more.

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